Marie Colvin in Diyala Province, Iraq, December 2007. By Danfung Dennis

about marie colvin

Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin was killed in Syria in February 2012 while reporting the cruelty of war. She specialised in the Middle East, spending more than 30 years covering the impact of conflict on civilians, including reporting from Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria from 1984 until her death in Homs in 2012.

Marie took every opportunity to offer advice and mentoring to up-and-coming journalists and believed passionately in the power of media to create change. The Marie Colvin Journalists' Network was established in 2016 by Marie's friends to continue this legacy, through support for local women journalists in the Arab world. In the United States, the Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting at Stony Brook University was also established in Marie's memory to support the next generation of foreign correspondents.

More details about Marie Colvin's life and work can be found in the biography "In Extremis: The Life of War Correspondent, Marie Colvin" written by MCJN founder Lindsey Hilsum. Two films are also available: the documentary "Under The Wire" based on the book of the same name by Paul Conroy, a photographer who was with Marie in Homs, and the feature film "A Private War" directed by Matthew Heineman and starring Rosamund Pike as Marie.