Marie Colvin and Lindsey Hilsum in Jenin in 2002. Photo by Paul Moorcraft

about the network

The Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network is an online community of Arab women journalists. We support each other through mentorship, professional advice, providing access to resources and opportunities, and networking.

Our members and mentors are instrumental in covering historic events in their countries – from Iraq to Yemen, to Egypt and Morocco. Yet they are often reporting tough stories of global importance without even a sounding board or trusted colleague to turn to for help, let alone psychological support. Many work without professional or security training, without legal contracts, insurance or pay guarantees. Some report from conflict frontlines without minimum protective gear. Unlike foreign reporters who can leave the scene and move on to different stories when things get difficult, many journalists have to live with the aftermath of war and violence, provide for their own families, and sometimes battle with emotional trauma or face harassment and intimidation.

From 2016 to 2022, the Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network (MCJN) was a project run by The Circle, a charity founded by Annie Lennox, which connects women across the world to tackle inequality. In 2022, MCJN gained independent charity status in England and Wales (charity registration no. 1199473).